How does it work? (detailed)

Here are three main steps clarified.

1. Register

This step is quite simple. Enter your information in the registration form and click the "Register" button. An email with a confirmation link will be sent. You must click it to activate your account.

2. Create your group

When you are logged into your member account, you can create a gift exchange group. To do this, click the link "My Groups" on the right and click the link "Create a new group". Complete the form and voila !

3. Invite your friends

To invite members to your gift exchange group, click the name of your group and click the link "Invite members" located above the list of members. You can invite up to 5 users at a time.

Questions and answers

Here is a list of frequently asked questions along their answers.

  • How does the draw work ?
  • At the date selected by your group leader, the names of the participating members are randomly mixed. An email will be sent to notify you that the draw has occurred. The name of the person you picked as well as their wishlist will be visible in your member account.
  • Can I draw my own name ?
  • No. CADOH! mix the names while ensuring that you have not picked yours.
  • What happens if there is only one member in my group?
  • CADOH! does a draw only if there is at least two participating members.
  • What is a 'participating' member ?
  • A member is said participating when he takes part in the gift exchange. You can create a group and not take part in the exchange.
  • What happens if I don't give a wish list ?
  • Giving a wish list is optional. However, this can make shopping easier for the person who picks your name. If you do not enter any wish, there will be a mention of it in the user account when the draw will be done.